Happy Birthday, Beethoven!

Friday, May 22, 2020 by Michael Power | Podcasts

A 250 year old Sagittarian from Bonn, Germany, Beethoven is not only one of the worlds greatest composers, he is my favourite composer. He is dramatic, introspective, fun and cheeky. This year there will be (isolated) celebrations all around the world celebrating his 250th birthday (16th December), so its a great opportunity to learn a little bit about this classical music rockstar. 

Author, comedian and all-round great guy, David Walliams does it best in his Classical Music Podcast - Episode 7. It's a great one to share in as a family at home or in the car, for all and any ages, and they are around 15 minutes each in length. 

There are little inside jokes from each, so it's worth going back and listening from Episode 1 over time.  

Happy Birthday. Happy Friday. Happy Practicing. 

Effective Practise

Thursday, April 27, 2017 by Michael Power | Practise

In piano, 'play' at the keyboard is important as it's where we learn to experiment with sounds and familiarise ourselves with the geography of the instrument. It is also where we find our natural, intrinsic desire to learn an instrument.

'Practise', however is deliberate and takes commitment to process. This is where we learn the tools for the study of music and developing the skills to tackle difficult repertoire. We achieve greater works and it then builds upon our confidence and in turn our desire to learn.

This great Ted Ed film sums it all up in around 4 minutes. Worth a watch...

How to Practise Effectively...

Mastering any skill takes lots of practise... deliberate practise. How does your child spend their time at the keyboard? How do they overcome challenges when learning new skills in music?